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Our Services

Ed Preservation & Cleaning Services, LLC

ED Preservation & Cleaning Services, LLC providing the following services to our clients as per their requirements including but not limit to Securing, House Renovation & Remodeling, Winterization, Lawn Services, Landscaping, Tree Removal, Roof Repair, Plumbing repair, Mold Treatment, Inspection, Trash out, Repairing & Maintenance, etc.

All our services are on a bid system, so you know the cost before we preform the service.


We are skilled in securing the property according to the client’s requirements. Securing includes changing the locks (knob lock & deadbolt) on the exterior doors,  Readmore..

 Yard maintenance

We provide yard maintenance services in accordance with the local codes. The services include mowing grass/overgrowth incidental debris. Readmore..

   Hazard Repair

We are here to help you out with all types of hazardous repair work. We can pull any required permits to get the job done. No matter the volume,  Readmore..

House renovation

Repainting, Remodeling cabinets, installing new light fixtures. Replacing windows, Updating appliances Adding new hardware, Replacing tiles   Readmore..

Trash Out

We are efficient and well experienced in removing all kinds of debris (exterior, interior & hazardous) from the property.    Readmore..


We winterize the plumbing system for our clients maintaining the correct procedures in order to ensure the property  Readmore..

 Roof Repair

Ed preservation provides you a reliable roofing services and professionally warrantied work. You’ve got endless choices Readmore..


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