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All our services based on HUD, REO & FHA allowable pricing as well as on a bid system.



We are skilled in securing the property according to the client’s requirements. Securing includes changing the locks (knob lock & deadbolt) on the exterior doors, install security door, re-glazing, boarding the openings (damaged doors, damaged windows, etc.) & pool securing etc.

Yard Maintenance & Landscaping Services

We provide yard maintenance services in accordance with the local codes. The services include mowing grass/overgrowth incidental debris. tree/shrubs/vines trimming, tree Removal, fence repair, mulch installation etc

Hazard Repair

We are here to help you out with all types of hazardous repair work. We can pull any required permits to get the job done. No matter the volume, we ensure quality work on time and every time.

House renovation and re-modeling

Repainting, Remodeling cabinets, installing new light fixtures. Replacing windows, Updating appliances Adding new hardware, Replacing tiles or flooring, Replacing outdated systems etc.

Trash Out

We are efficient and well experienced in removing all kinds of debris (exterior, interior & hazardous) from the property. Proper disposal is also maintained in accordance with the code.


We winterize the plumbing system for our clients maintaining the correct procedures in order to ensure the property does not freeze and cause plumbing damages.

Property Preservation

Ed preservation and cleaning express, LLC is the name you can trust to have solutions to all your property preservation problems. We are here to offer you the best possible services in the industry. Our services includes but are not limited to securing, yard maintenance, landscaping, trash out, winterization, hazardous repair and mold remediation, etc.

Roof Repair

Ed preservation provides you a reliable roofing services and professionally warrantied work. You’ve got endless choices when in it comes to roofers, so you want to make sure you hire the right team.
You can rest easy knowing that we do exceptional work that is timely and affordable.
We have grown with changes in roofing technology, application, and home design.